Saturday, August 14, 2010

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Did you know that the behavior and style go hand in hand? It's like diet and exercise. At first it is quite difficult but once you get into the habit, since it is no longer a burden to be a hobby. The results are also similar: You become more beautiful and full of charm!

The label may not be a very popular subject but it is extremely important for any woman who wants to be a reference in society. It gives us the benefits of 'good education' which includes, become much more enjoyable.

Learn some tips daily etiquette:

When in an environment where everybody is focused, whether in school, church, gym, cinema, theater, doctor, or anywhere else, always with his cell phone turned off, or in silent mode.

Never forget to use the words 'please', 'excuse me' and 'thank you'.

Always greet people with at least one to smile. Your shyness can literally make her look bad.

Avoid chewing gum - is clumsy (you know that chewing gum is for only one or two minutes, long enough to remove the smell or bad taste in mouth?).

Delays ... lack of control, responsibility and respect to the time of others.

Talk less, avoid criticism, and never talk or laugh loud - it all wears her feminine beauty.

Be lapped not only in their gestures, in his speech, his walk, but mostly on his character as a person as a human being. Be aware of respect, appreciation, limits, rules, dignity, and what is not appropriate.

Once you experiencing this daily habit, you will double the value of a

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