Sunday, August 15, 2010

How to Handle Confrontation

Step 1:-
Honestly evaluate the relationship in question to determine whether the issue is confrontation versus abuse. If you are looking at abuse it would be important to seek outside professional assistance.

Step 2:-
Take the time to create a personal definition of confrontation, include a positive definition of confrontation.

Step 3:-
Honestly assess whether or not you become anxious during a period of confrontation. List you symptoms that occur when you are anxious. Create an affirmation to de-escalate your anxiety but also practice gradual exposure to confrontational situations to increase your tolerance to cope with being in a confrontational situation.

Step 4:-
Rehearse verbally handling confrontation by talking out loud to hear your own voice in response to confrontation. This may work best with a therapist; however, if you have a safe person with whom you can rehearse this can also be helpful.

Step 5:-
Examine your problem solving skills and determine whether or not avoiding confrontation prevents you from problem solving. If so, you may need to add tolerance for confrontation in your problem solving skills set.

Step 6:-
Keep focused on your desired outcome. If avoiding confrontation will keep your from reaching your goal; refocus, and stay on point with focusing on your desired outcome.

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