Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Lord and the Servant

To give you an idea of the proper relationship between the Lord Jesus and His servants we must return to the origins of the human relationship between masters and their servants.

Since ancient times, the only difference between the servant and the beast of burden that was one reason and one had not. In fact, one servant or slave did not have the free disposal of their own personality and assets. She did not have the slightest right to disclose the same to his personality, let alone cater to their whims.

In those days, there are several ways to impose on people the condition of slaves or servants.The most common were:

One - Through the purchase. Serfs were acquired with a value, like any object, and became the property of those who bought. In this case, are framed the true servants of the Lord Jesus Christ, since they were purchased, not by money but by His precious blood. We can understand better when the apostle Paul says, "For ye are bought with a price. Now therefore glorify God in your body "1 Corinthians 6:20. Also the apostle John says, "Thou art worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals, because you were slain and with your blood you purchased for God out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation and to our God a kingdom and priests: and we shall reign on the earth "Rev. 5.9,10. I mean: the blood of Jesus was the price to get us out of the condition of slaves of hell for the future condition of kings and priests unto God.

Second: With tax policy. In this case, prisoners of war were made slaves.

Third: By birth. Children born to slave parents in the house, legally became automatically slaves. The idea here is that the children of those who have served the Lord Jesus will serve him well. The fact that many children are not also servants of the serfs is because the personality of their parents has not been adequate to the good and faithful servant. When is good and faithful servant, then their children will also be servants, good and faithful.

Fourth: How the refund. If the thief did not have to pay back the stolen and pay the damages, it could be sold as a slave.

Fifth: For lack of fund to pay the debt. The person who had no money to pay his debt was forced to sell their children as slaves or children were then seized by the creditor. The debtor himself bankrupt and his wife and children, usually became slaves of the creditor. The important thing is that the debt had to be paid no matter what sacrifice had to be done for that. The case of the widow who came to the prophet Elisha is an example of this (2 Kings 4). According to the Mosaic law, a Hebrew slave had to work for six years to qualify for their freedom. And then his master was obliged to give some reward for him to start life on their own.

Sixth: By self-sale. A person could sell themselves voluntarily to slavery in order to escape poverty. And yet, after six years, she could redeem himself. In this case, she could not leave empty-handed because his master had to give him some compensation. Many have been proposed to serve the Lord Jesus just to escape the miserable life they live, or lake of eternal fire. However, some time later if you redeem your servitude to the Lord Jesus and seek the law of the world the right to a few crumbs to start living freely.

Seventh: By means of abduction. In the law of Moses, abducting a person and reduce it to slavery was an offense punishable by death. Joseph's brothers were guilty of this crime and, therefore, much feared the consequences.

Whatever the condition of the acquisition of a slave, bought or captive as a prisoner of war, he had no rights, only obligations. However, this included wages or any type of reward. You gave them food, water and time to sleep, just in order to replenish their forces to work daily. At most, it was only to serve. There was no specific time limit of work, he had to be available to serve the Lord each and every moment.

Jesus alone is Lord of those who serve you.

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